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We believe everyone deserves to feel at home

Everyone deserves to feel at home. No matter where you come from, what you believe in, which gender you identify with, how much you earn or what you look like. Moving countries can be daunting enough.

As internationals ourselves, we know first-hand what it’s like to navigate the Dutch housing market, rules and regulations, and more.  So since 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to  improving the expat housing experience in the Netherlands, so that internationals can feel right at home from the start.

What we preach and practice

Do the right thing. Period.

Integrity in what we do and why we do it is very important - especially when no one is looking.

Determined to improve and open to change

We are always on the move and striving to become better at what we do. Change is an integral part of our business and future.

Own it.

Our wins, our losses, our work, our responsibilities. We look at ourselves first before anything else. We practice what we preach, walk the talk, and trust that others will do the same.

Meet our team of expat housing specialists

Our people are what makes EHN great. Every team member is a company ambassador, lives our values, supports our clients, and contributes to helping people find a home and feel at home. Our teamcomes from a diversity of backgrounds, spanning 10 different nationalities. We believe everyone deserves to feel at home, and that starts with the people that make EHN what it is today.

Joshua Shokoor
Housing Consultant
Anna Calderon
Housing Consultant
Mateusz Konrad Majewski
Operations Manager
Brenda Guigno
Client Services Coordinator
Lariessa Lopes
Housing Consultant
Ludo Karelse
Housing Specialist
Annie Hart
Client Services Specialist
Rick van Hemert
Housing Specialist
Thijs Remijn
Housing Specialist
Lilet Lasala
Letting Consultant
Diovana Campestrini
Housing Specialist
Kimo Paula
Nicole Ferreira Da Silva
Office Manager
Sebastian Urrego
Housing Consultant
Amy Cheung
Client Services Coordinator
Alana Byrne
Client Services Coordinator
Karen Lewis
Client Services Specialist
Jehan Scello
Talent and Employee Experience Manager
Daniel Wang
Client Services Coordinator

Join our team!

Join us in becoming the go-to team for expat housing in the Netherlands. We're always looking for talented people to help more and more internationals in the Netherlands to feel at home.