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Are you a company that frequently hires internationally and relocates employees to the Netherlands? Let us help your expat talent in successfully navigating the Dutch Housing Market.

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B2B Partnership

Where housing service is an integral part of your relocation package.

Uniform service approach for every relocator

Prioritized initiations via a unique channel

Direct invoicing to the company for each service

Instant updates on all housing searches on an interactive board

Potential tax advantages

Informal Collaboration

Where employees seek our services on a personal basis.

Our details are part of your onboarding resources/benefits package information

Employees have the choice to approach us individually

We still hold bi-annual meetings on market trends and service updates

Potential discussion on service discounts based on relocator volume

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Trusted by expats and international companies


Why work with us

The Dutch Housing Market presents unique challenges for HR managers, recruiters, and decision-makers dealing with international relocations. As housing specialists and fellow expats, we know exactly what it's like to relocate to the Netherlands and to navigate the challenges of the Dutch housing market. Trust our team for your company's housing needs to ensure your expat team feels at home from day one.

Peace of mind

We aim for a stress-free relocation experience.


As expats assisting expats, we resonate with the challenges.

Market Presence

Our decade-built reputation enhances the chances of successful transactions.

Exclusive Access

We have access to a range of properties before they hit the market.

Tech meets personal

Rapid alerts via apps balances with a personal consultant guidance.

Start housing your talent now.

Successfully navigate the Dutch Housing Market for your international talent for a smooth onboarding and boost in employee satisfaction and retention.

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"I have worked in Mobility for 11 years, but I never saw such a high level of service efficiency. EHN has been a great partner for our relocants and I could experience that myself when I moved to Amsterdam in January 2023, and secured apartment in 3 days! EHN set up very high standards that I hope other housing agencies could meet in other regions of our presence. I strongly recommend EHN as a vendor to individual relocants and to companies who relocate their personnel, as reliable professionals and great people to work with."

Kirill Aksenov

People Program Lead, Miro

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Expat Housing Network's B2B partnerships from other housing services?

Our B2B partnerships are uniquely tailored for companies relocating employees to the Netherlands, standing out due to our decade of experience, comprehensive focus on expats, and nationwide coverage, all coupled with transparent and fixed pricing. Our team, built of internationals fluent in 14 languages, actively combats discrimination in the housing market, ensuring a fair and smooth process for everyone. We combine our expertise with cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation for your employees, backed by our experience working directly with international corporations.

How does partnering with Expat Housing Network benefit my company?

We provide a standardized, priority-driven approach in our partnership, guaranteeing a hassle-free and effective relocation process for all your employees. You'll receive updates in real-time on housing searches and the progress of relocations, as well as enjoy streamlined invoicing and potential tax advantages. This not only speeds up employee settlement but also enhances their job satisfaction and performance, leading to an increase in productivity and a boost in job satisfaction. Moreover, it positively impacts your company's reputation, making you more attractive to potential hires.

What exactly are the benefits of the Informal Collaboration option?

Our Informal Collaboration option is tailored for international companies that prefer not to sign housing support contracts in every country of operation. It enables relocators to access our service directly, ensuring they are not left alone during the most challenging part of their relocation. While this model doesn’t offer all the benefits of a B2B Partnership, it provides essential support, maintaining relocation satisfaction. Additionally, we can hold bi-annual meetings with your company to discuss market trends and potential service updates, ensuring alignment with your employees’ housing needs.

How does technology at Expat Housing Network enhance the housing search experience?

Our adoption of advanced applications and alert systems ensures that your employees are promptly notified of new property listings and updates. Tools for tracking properties and viewing calendars further streamline the house-hunting process. This technological integration complemented by the personalized guidance of our experienced consultants, guarantees a balanced and efficient relocation experience for your employees.

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