Buy your own home in the Netherlands

Invest in yourself, your home, and your future. Find and feel at home, in your ‘home away from home’.

New homeowners (a mother, father, son, and daughter) stand around their kitchen island, eating snacks and drinking from mugs.

Personalised services and pricing to best fit your needs.

For the independent
All the essentials to best inform your decision and successfully secure your new home.
What you get:
Personal Buying Manager
Property review
Offer submission
Contract review
3rd party bookings
Pre-transfer support
€ 0.75% of the appraisal valuation*
For the hard worker
A full offering where we take away all the hassle and accompany you during the process.
What you get:
Personal Buying Manager
Scheduling of viewings
Accompanied viewings
Property review
Offer submission
Contract review
3rd party bookings
Accompanied inspection & notary meeting
Transfer support
€ 1% of the appraisal valuation*

*Pricing Note: Our Smart Package incurs a min. charge of €2750, while the Complete Package has a min. of €3250 (incl. VAT)

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The advantages of buying a home in the Netherlands

Receive starter benefits

If you’re below 35 years of age, you are exempt from paying the 2% transfer tax over the purchase price.

Enjoy interest tax rebates

The Dutch government allows you to deduct your interest payments off your taxable income, so you will end up paying less interest (and less taxes!)

Build up equity

Instead of giving your money to a landlord, you build up equity (plus appreciation!) with every instalment you make.

What our clients are saying

After several weeks looking for houses and placing bids without success we decided to hire the services of EHN. Diovana helped us to buy the house we liked most and make the whole process easier, faster, and more enjoyable/comfortable. I had much more confidence to place the right bid with their orientation. I highly recommend their services if you are buying a house.

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EHN helped us get a house in the hectic Dutch housing market. It took a while but team was always committed which is also reassuring considering that they only get paid after we manage to buy a house. We never felt rushed or pressured to pick a house we didn't like or to take unnecessary risks during bidding process. They helped step by step with process that follows after offer is accepted all the way until signing at notary. I would recommend especially if you don't speak Dutch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the exact process be when buying a property in the Netherlands?

First we will put you in touch with a mortgage broker to make sure you know what you can borrow and spend on the market. The next step is the housing search. has most if not all properties that come on the market, so we will start the search together. We will schedule viewings based on your feedback and accompany you to them. When you have shown interest in a property we will do area and property research to advise you as best as possible. We will then draft the offer and help with the negotiations. After having your offer accepted we will arrange for a valuator, technical inspector and notary. We will accompany you to all meetings, review the contracts together, and make sure the property is handed over to you in a good condition.

Can we buy a house immediately after arriving in the Netherlands?

Yes you can. You need a Dutch address and a secure job to apply for a mortgage. Buying a house can take a variable amount of time though. The time it takes to secure your home varies according to multiple factors such as the market at the time of your arrival - and of course your specific requirements, wishes, and personal financial situation. You will need a mortgage initially - and applying for this can take some weeks. The following processes after you have been granted your mortgage will take at least another few weeks. Surveyors, Notaries, Valuators and other services are involved. Working with these partners can take time, so we would recommend at least securing a temporary housing contract for between 3 months - 1 year, to make sure that you give yourself ample room to breathe during the process.

How much money will we need to have saved upfront?

You will need to bring up to approximately 5% of the value of the house (for the buyer's costs) - but of course it helps with your personal profile during the offer stage if you have further capital saved! As a part of our service, we can put you in touch with a mortgage partner who will be able to tell you more about what you will be able to borrow, and give you a better idea of your position in the market.

How much money can I borrow from a Dutch bank?

As a rule of thumb you can calculate max 5 times your gross annual income, however this is dependent on several factors, if you have other financial commitments and loans, they will consider this into your calculation. The bank also wants to know what the property value is before offering you the loan, to ensure you don’t over borrow.

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