February 21, 2023

Annual rental increase in the Netherlands capped at inflation + 1%

New regulations for landlords in the Netherlands

Great news for renters! Last week, the Dutch senate decided that the annual rent increase for homes in the free sector would be capped at inflation plus 1 percent.

Before this decision, introduced by Labour Party representative Henk Nijboer, landlords were allowed to increase the rent by as much as they liked each year, unless specified in your rental contract. That will no longer be possible for the coming three years.

So what if your landlord ignores this new rule? Well, from now on, free-sector tenants - anyone paying more than 752,33 euros per month in basic rent - will be able to go to the Huurcommissie (Rent Commission in English) for support. Previously, this service was only for tenants in the social housing sector. So, yay renters! The Dutch government has got you covered on this one!

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