February 21, 2023

Couples can borrow more next year (2021)

The government wants double-income households to be able to take out a higher mortgage - second income counts more heavily, study debt is less.

The sitting office is working on a bill that will expand the maximum loan capacity for dual-income mortgages.

If the legislative change continues, the loan rules for double earners will be relaxed from 2021. The higher borrowing capacity for double income households must arise from two changes. In the first place, for dual earners, 90% of the income of the partner with the lowest income would soon be included in the calculations of the borrowing capacity, instead of the current 80%.

The second proposed change is a lower weighting of student debts. These are now taken into account according to a fixed factor that was determined six years ago. There should be more flexibility in this regard, especially since interest rates have fallen sharply in recent years, causing the actual monthly costs of student loans to fall.

Mortgage adviser Rene Wickerhoff of Van Bruggen Adviesgrope indicates to the FD that double-income couples who can now borrow a maximum of around €300.000,- will , with the proposed relaxation, be able to borrow around €310.000 - €312.000,-.

Source:, 16 December 2020