Expat Life
February 21, 2023


We are thrilled to highlight Mary Williams, EHN's absolute rockstar of an Operations Officer. More than her title, she is the glue that binds us together, the wind beneath our wings, and the sun that never stops shining. Get to know why we think so highly of her in this month's spotlight!

What’s your job title?

Operations Officer

How long have you worked at EHN?

Two and a half years

In short, what is it that you do at EHN?

I kind of call myself a Jane of all trades! I work on the operations, I do the finance, and I also get to organise all the fun things (like events and celebrations etc!). I love how varied my role is, it means no two days are the same!

What’s your nationality and in which countries have you lived?

My mom is American and my dad is Welsh, so I’ve got a UK and a USA passport. I was born in Brussels and I lived in Paris for a while, then I moved back to Brussels. After that I went to study in the UK where I ended up staying for 6 years!

How long have you lived in the Netherlands?

I moved here just over two and half years ago! My partner and I moved here because we wanted a change of scenery, and then luckily he was offered a job in Amsterdam! We weren’t sure where we wanted to move to at first, but this made the decision for us!

Which languages do you speak?

I speak English and French. I speak a bit of Dutch (enough to get me by), and I’m also currently learning sign language.

What’s one of your favourite things about your job or EHN as a company?

How varied my role is, and how many people from different cultures I get to meet! Also I love the team - everyone is fantastic.

What’s your top tip to internationals who are searching for a home in the Netherlands?

Be open to and don’t resist change!

How would you describe EHN in 3 words?




What drew you to EHN?

The international culture in the office. I loved that everyone was from different backgrounds, which makes us all like minded people!

Before EHN, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Before EHN I used to work with people with learning disabilities! It was SO much fun! I was in charge of running day activity groups, and I absolutely loved it.

What is your favourite thing about living in the Netherlands?

Cycle culture! It’s so liberating!

Which area of the Netherlands is your favourite and why?

At the moment it’s De Pijp, because that’s where I currently live! There’s so much to do and see right on your doorstep, and it’s super centrally located as well.

How would you describe your “home-style”?

Eclectic and cosy! I love interesting patterns and colours and mixing them with scandinavian feeling furniture.

What’s your favourite Dutch word or expression?

I’m always torn between “gezellig” (because I love to be cosy), and “winkelwagen”! It just means “shopping trolley”, but it makes me giggle nonetheless!

What does “feeling at home” mean to you?

Somewhere where you can be comfortable to unapologetically be yourself.

Curious to know more? Our door's always open. Mary and the rental team are always available for a chat or (virtual) coffee. Get in touch!