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February 21, 2023

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Nadine Witteveen, Senior Expat Rental Manager

With over 6 years of experience in the international housing and relocation industry, Senior Expat Rental Manager Nadine Witteveen has made an incredible mark in the international community here in the Netherlands. As a tri-lingual rental specialist and seasoned industry expert, Nadine has helped countless internationals in finding their home away from home. We are thrilled to have Nadine as part of the EHN family with her unwavering kindness, knowledge, and care. Learn more about Nadine and get her insider tips in this employee spotlight!

What’s your nationality?

I’m a mix, Dutch father and Ecuadorian Mother.

How long have you lived in the Netherlands?

I came to the Netherlands as a student over 12 years ago, after finishing high school in Bolivia.

Which languages do you speak?

Spanish, English and Dutch

Before EHN, what was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

My passion for helping internationals to find a home started quite early, with an amazing opportunity at Holland Homestay, a Dutch startup that matches international students with local families in the different cities in the Netherlands.  It was a great experience setting up a business with the founder, helping so many people to find a home.

What is your favourite thing about living in the Netherlands?

I love the freedom of biking.

Which Dutch city is your favourite and why?

The Hague is my favourite city. Having lived there for over 10 years made it feel like home. It’s so nice to have the vibrant activities of a city, as well as the relaxed and layback ambiance of the beach.

How would you describe your “home-style”?

A home where everyone feels at home. Warm, gezellig and clean!

What’s your favourite Dutch word or expression?

“Helaas pindakaas!” which literally translates to “unfortunately peanut butter”, meaning “oh well, too bad!”

What’s one of your favourite things about your job or EHN as a company?

My favourite thing about working at EHN is that I get to meet loads of new people and learn about their cultural background. This helps me to build strong relationships with both my colleagues and my clients. Besides the people, I love my bike adventures, everyday counting my kilometers and discovering this amazing city, Amsterdam!

What’s your top tip to expats who are searching for a home in the Netherlands?

Don’t be scared of the dutch stairs. You’ll get used to them!

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