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February 21, 2023

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Paolo Natali, Senior Expat Rental Manager

With over 5 years at Expat Housing Network, Paolo Natali is EHN’s most experienced team member when it comes to expat rentals in the Netherlands. He’s helped hundreds of newly arrived expats in both successfully finding a rental home, and quickly feeling at home in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. He knows the city inside and out and has a plethora of local tips and housing market knowledge to share. EHN is beyond lucky and grateful to have Paolo on the team with his warm, welcoming, and kind-hearted spirit. Learn more about Paolo and get his insider tips in his employee spotlight interview!

How long have you been an expat in the Netherlands?

18 years! I was offered a promotion from a UK branch of a Dutch company I worked for, and this global role was to be conducted from its HQ here in Amsterdam.

What drew you to EHN?

The concept of helping new expats find and feel at home in Amsterdam and the Metropolitan area.

What’s one of your favourite things about your job or EHN as a company?

Dealing with different people both internally at EHN and externally with corporate expat clients from different countries, nationalities, job roles and backgrounds.

What is your favourite thing about living in the Netherlands?

The diversity of its people, its culture, and the various creative activities on offer.

Which Dutch city is your favourite and why?

Amsterdam is my favourite place. But I also love the charming city of Haarlem. I love that it is like Amsterdam on a much smaller scale, with a quaint city centre - and that it is a short bike ride to the Beach :)

Before Expat Housing Network, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Volunteering on a Kibbutz in Israel where I worked on picking oranges from the orange groves in 30 degrees of heat, milked cows at 3:00 in the morning in the Kibbutz farm, made Isreali credit cards at their print factory during the night, and worked in the communal kitchen and dining areas serving 1,500 members of the Kibbutz.

What’s your favourite Dutch word or expression?

“Gezelige” (Cosy)

What’s your top tip for expats who are searching for a home in the Netherlands?

Join lots of social network sites geared towards expats in the Netherlands but also get to know the locals and learn the basics of Dutch!

What does “feeling at home” mean to you?

Where one can be at complete ease and feel totally relaxed and comfortable.

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