February 21, 2023

How to Find a Home in Times Like These

While many businesses and shops are closing their doors in the wake of COVID-19’s rapid spread through Amsterdam, the rental market is still running. What can you expect if you’re currently looking for a rental home? You’ll be surprised to hear that it is not all doom and gloom at the moment. Have a look below at some things we have noticed over the last few weeks:

Illustration: Plan to extend your temporary accommodation

1. Plan to extend your temporary accommodation

While the rental market is still chugging along, expect that there will be delays throughout the process. As many agents are working remotely, it may take longer to arrange viewings and inspection appointments. Also, depending on what you’re looking for and where, there will be a more limited offer of properties. We are still seeing new properties listed every day, and less tenants looking, but it’s important to factor in the possibility that it may take a week or two longer than usual to find your dream home.

If you are currently being housed by your company, reach out to see what your extension options may be (in the event that you need them). If you are covering your own temporary accommodation, explore availability options at places like Zoku or Hotel Jansen. As they are not receiving their usual volume of guests, you may be able to snag a great deal on a room.

Illustration: Prepare for video viewings being standard

2. Prepare for video viewings being standard

Though viewings normally take place in person, (sometimes one on one, other times in large groups) this will likely not be your experience if you are currently looking for a rental. Most agencies have adopted the advice of the WHO and RIVM regarding the novel coronavirus, and are limiting their contact with people. This means that many properties will only be available to view via video, or a single person viewing while following these strict protocols.

Illustration: Expect Less Competition

3. Expect Less Competition

One positive outcome of the situation is that you will no longer have to face off against  hundreds of other applicants for the same property: there are far less tenants looking than normal. With many new international hires having had their start dates postponed due to travel restrictions, and many dutch residents self isolating in their homes, the market is much less competitive.

Illustration: Prices may be negotiable

4. Prices may be negotiable

Normally, and especially in Amsterdam, it is a landlord’s market if you are looking at properties below the €2500/month mark. However, because of the sharp drop in tenants, we are seeing a shift in the power dynamic. While just a few weeks ago it was almost unheard of for tenants to be able to negotiate asking prices in lower budget ranges, today landlords are proving to be a bit more flexible on what they will accept. Keep in mind that it’s not ever guaranteed that property owners will accept lower bids, but there has never been a better time to shoot your shot.

Written by Emma, from our rental team