Expat Life
February 21, 2023

Keeping up to date with COVID-19 as an international in the Netherlands

Not speaking a country’s first language can make it difficult to find reliable news sources. Thankfully, Dutch people speak better English than most native speakers, and have several news outlets dedicated to helping internationals stay in the loop:

Dutch Government

To stay up to date regarding the government’s COVID-19 developments, see the below links for latest information in English:

The public health institute RIVM: rivm.nl/en

The government’s English website: government.nl

The Ministry of foreign affairs: netherlandsworldwide.nl

These websites are updated daily with the latest information regarding the outbreak, and they also have plenty of information on what to do in order to reduce the risk of transmission.



If you’re based in Amsterdam like me, you’re going to want to check the municipality’s website regularly for updates pertaining to the city.

Dutch News


Dutch News has become my go to for the Dutch perspective on current events in English. They have also made accessing information regarding the outbreak simple and streamlined; see a compiled list of all relevant articles on COVID-19 here. (They also have a very decent podcast, if that’s how you prefer your news).



Specifically catered toward expats; Expatica has also done well in keeping the non-Dutch speaking community in the loop regarding local and international news. They also have plenty of information dedicated to helping internationals navigate day to day life here in the Netherlands (visas, taxes, healthcare, etc.)



Schiphol’s website offers the most accurate and up to date news regarding flights, cancellations, and travel restrictions. If you are planning or needing to travel within the next few weeks, make sure that you regularly check the site for new information. Please note that as of now the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advising people not to travel abroad in the coming period unless absolutely essential.

Stuck in another country?

The new bijzonderebijstandbuitenland.nl platform is a joint approach by the travel sector, insurers, airline companies and the Dutch government to help Dutch people (and foreign nationals currently living in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit) who are stranded abroad. Read the helpful FAQ on netherlandsworldwide.nl to see if this platform could be helpful to you.



Finally, Worldometers offers raw data on the virus, with daily updates on numbers of new cases, recovered patients, and deaths.

Of course, if you ever come across information on a Dutch website that doesn’t have an English translation, Google Translate is a great option.

Written by Emma, one of our wonderful Expat Rental Managers.