February 21, 2023


With expertise in hospitality, sales, and events, Ludo plays a key role in ensuring that EHN's buying team consistently delivers 5-star customer experiences on a daily basis. Get to know Ludo in the interview below!

What's your job title?

Buying Team Assistant

How long have you worked at EHN?

Not long at all :). I started on the 1st of December 2020.

In short, what is it that you do at EHN?

I support the buying consultants throughout the process of helping their clients secure a home!

What’s your nationality and in which countries have you lived?

I am a born and raised Dutchie, however, I did live in the US for 3 years together with my parents and little sister.

Which city/town/area of the Netherlands is your favourite and why?

What a crazy question! Amsterdam of course :) The blend of cultures and yet the heritage of old Amsterdam together with all the trendy places to visit really makes this city my home.

What does “feeling at home” mean to you?

Arriving back in Amsterdam from a long trip, immediately seeing my friends and just having a beer as usual. Oh and coming home to my girlfriend after a long day of work of course..!

What’s your favourite Dutch word or expression?


What’s one of your favourite things about your job or EHN as a company?

I really enjoy how inclusive EHN is as a company. I felt welcomed and at home from the start.

What’s the most interesting thing you did at work this week?

I had a viewing at a property which I wanted to see for so long. Conclusion: pictures can be deceiving...

What drew you to EHN?

The diversity at EHN was a great plus for me. That together with the great focus on client experience.

Curious to know more? Our door's always open. Ludo and the buying team are always available for a chat or (virtual) coffee. Get in touch at