February 22, 2023

We’re launching a new Academy!

Introducing the Expat Homebuyers Academy

At Expat Housing Network we believe everyone deserves to feel at home. That’s our purpose and the reason why we help internationals with finding their dream home.

We initially started with finding homes for expats to rent, but as soon as we started offering a buying service, we entered into a whole new world. A world where there are a lot of little bits and pieces of information you would need to know to succeed, but also a world where this information is not always shared transparently.

We have always done things differently and wanted to drive change in the housing market. That’s why we’ve decided to build and launch the Expat Homebuyers Academy.  Our goal with the Academy is to level the playing field. To give everyone access to the knowledge that we’ve garnered over the years and to give them a fair chance of securing their dream home.

What is the Expat Homebuyers Academy?

The Expat Homebuyers Academy is an online course where you can access all the information you need to secure your dream home. You will have access to a library of videos, templates, 3rd party vendors, walk throughs and insights on the whole process, but also on more specific processes and tasks, including how to define the market value of a property, and what to look for when viewing a home or submitting a winning bid.

This is the information that we all would have loved to have had when we bought our first home. Information that you can’t easily find online or would have to pay a large amount of money for to a housing agent to access. It’s us giving back to anyone who wants to settle and feel at home in the Netherlands. We have a lot of great plans to expand the Academy, once the first community is established, but are already excited to share it with you now.

Who is it for?

We’re building this for everyone who is keen to buy a home and wants to try it out themselves first before reaching out to an agent. For those who would rather spend their money on their offer, or decorating their new home. For those who want to learn more about the process and get a better understanding of the ins and outs of buying a home.

We truly believe that this will add a lot of value to anyone who’s in the process of securing their dream home. Whether you’re just starting or have submitted your 3rd offer already. We cover all the important aspects of the process in a practical way that you can use directly in your search.

Get early access!

Right now, you can sign up for the waitlist and be one of the firsts to join the academy. We’ll keep you updated on the development and you can help shape the academy by sharing your thoughts on what else you would like to see on it.

We’re ready to change the way people land their dream home.  

Welcome to the Expat Homebuyers Academy!